40 X 26 cm

Oil on canvas

unsigned table

The end of the 19th century was marked by the world of nightlife, girls, the cancan and Montmartre, a meeting place for partygoers and artists.

Several groups of writers and musicians were formed: the Hydropathes, the Fumistes, the Arts incohérents. The chansonnier Aristide Bruant had a huge success at the Mirliton. The beginning of the 20th century was marked by the apogee of the concert cafés, of which there were more than three hundred in the capital. All those who frequented these places admired the dancers and singers with very evocative names: "Grille d'égoût, la Sauterelle, Rayon d'or and La môme Cri-Cri".

It is in a barely sketched landscape that this man with an umbrella holds in his hand the poster of a cabaret in which La môme Cri-Cri performs. His cheerful air makes us think that this reminds him of a very good memory or that he is looking forward to going to the cabaret where she performs.

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